Halo 2 CE Zanzibar

When Halo Custom Edition was reaching it’s peak I joined a team H2CE which had the aim of recreating, as accurately as possible, Halo 2 multi-player maps for Halo Custom Edition. Being it that I am not much of an artist I was tasked with getting the assets in-game. I took whatever the artists made, be it a weapon, biped or vehicle and managed to getting it working in-game. I then gave the tags to the other team member to tweak accordingly.

If you wish to play the Zanzibar map, you need Halo Custom Edition, and the map which can be found here: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=824

Another map released was New Mombasa, which was based on the E3 videos shown prior to Halo 2’s release. I take very little credit for this one as it’s magnificence is down to the artistic work.

Recognition of our work by Bungie was the highlight of this project and led to a ‘Humpday’ challenge in which we were beaten thoroughly. I used the cryptic name of J4MESD, it is H4X encrypted…

Our beating can be found here.

Some screenshots: